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QUESTION: Is Christmas in July still celebrated at Put-in-Bay Ohio?

ANSWER: NO! This used to be a nice little celebration for island residents and visitors that happened for many years. However, this tradition has ran its course and has now come to an end. Thanks to all who used to attend back in the old days!!!





Each of the establishments at Put-in-Bay used to have their own unique Christmas in July traditions and events. We recommend you contact your favorite location for more information. One of the BIG events used to be the Christmas Land Parade, held on Saturday evening when it started getting dark. Island residents dressed up their vehicles, made floats, rode 4-wheelers, and generally had a fun decorated holiday spirit parade around downtown. That tradition ended in 2011. Celebrating Christmas in July in shorts was the highlight. Both Friday and Saturday, the main pool bars started getting packed around 10am and by noon the party was in full swing. Guests made sure to get their towels out and their beach chairs reserved! Sadly, the entire Christmas in July tradition is now gone, as of 2018. Will it return? Only time will tell. If so, we anticipate that it will be a private event for guests of island lodging and boating etablishments only.



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