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QUESTION: Is Christmas in July still celebrated at Put-in-Bay Ohio?

ANSWER: NO! This used to be a nice little celebration for island residents and visitors that happened for many years. However, this tradition has ran its course and has now come to an end. Thanks to all who used to attend back in the old days!!!





Christmas in July at Put-in-Bay Ohio used to be an event which was unofficially celebrated as a holiday by islanders and visitors alike. It was especially popular among the young people and was by far the busiest weekend of the summer. During the summer months on Lake Erie, the weather becomes increasingly warm and many people crave for the atmosphere of cooler temperatures, gift giving, and holiday spirit. To satisfy this craving, island businesses threw parties during the month of July that mimiced the holiday of Christmas. Christmas in July!

This was by far the most popular "holiday" celebrated at Put-in-Bay. Island businesses used to decorate for the holiday season. Food and beverage specials in a Christmas theme were featured throughout the island. This event was one of the busiest weekends of the year so guests were sure to make their hotel reservations early! Great live entertainment was performed every day of this 3-day weekend and nearly the entire downtown area was decorated for Christmas.

There historically used to be a Land Parade on Saturday evening where islanders gathered and decorated floats to drive through the downtown business area. Many floats were lit up and very decorative. That tradition ended in 2011. The Jet Express offered late night ferry service for those who made day trips from the mainland. Sadly, those days are gone.



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